Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jensen Calls Our Time an Apostasy

Recently, Elder Marlin K. Jensen was subject to a Q & A at Utah State University.  Questioning was essentially open.  Audio and a rough transcript/commentary was originally posted on a blog called Simple Mormon Spectator.  It got an enormous amount of internet traffic and spurred several post/discussions among my Mormon friends.  I don't know the exact date it was given, but it was posted 1/3/2012.  Unfortunately, Simple Mormon Spectator took his post down with this explanation (here).

In this Q & A, Jensen speaks candidly about everything from the LDS church's political action regarding homosexuality, to DNA, history, polygamy, and google.  Of particular interest are comments about halfway through calling our time, the greatest apostasy since Kirkland, that the church is aware of many members leaving after finding out about church history, and procedures for controlling the flow of information (whether it be access to historical documents or search engine optimization).  In an effort to provide all those who desire the opportunity to listen/read, I have included a number of links below.  Simple Mormon Spectator claims to have removed the information out of respect for Jensen and because his post was not bringing about the outcome he had hoped.  I, unlike, SMS, believe that Jensen knew what he was saying and wouldn't mind who heard it. I also think that it is in the best interest of members and non-members alike to hear the words of church leadership.

Here is the google cache of the original post/commentary (here).

You now can download an audio recording of the discussion (here).

You can also listen to a recording of the discussion in the streaming player below.